Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dyslexia Dash

 We had a fun morning this morning at the Dyslexia Dash. The Schenck School had an impressive turn out! I wanted to take pictures and run/walk but Tillman had other plans. He was pretty fussy aka tired and I ended up trying to appease him instead of running/walking. But it turned out pretty well. I stopped with a friend while Tillman slept to take pictures of the rest of our team as they ran by us to the finish line. We cheered everyone on and had a good time.
 I might have ran a whole mile out of the 3.1 total miles of the race, but hey, who's counting!?
Reese joined a friend to walk with for a short time. I think they were the very last people in the race. The cop car is just turning the corner behind them.
Then she raced to join Hubby and Tillman. Is that Tillman walking back there!!??? Yes, but only when you hold his hand. He still prefers to walk on his knees. I have to get a video of that.