Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hi! My name is Tillman....

Hi there! My name is Tillman and I'm 16 months old. I am getting into a lot more these days as I'm getting older and boy, am I lovin' it! I am really into trucks and cars now. I can recognize trucks in books, I drive them all over the house complete with sound effects, I see them on the road while my Mommy drives me around and I even have them on my pajamas!

I have moved up a level at school and feel like the big kid on campus. I can walk myself into school, go to my classroom, say hi to my teachers and friends and it's adios to Mommy & Daddy! I don't even cry! I love visiting my sister who is right down the hall. I get to walk down there by myself (I think my teacher watches me), say hello and she walks me back to my room. I love to play outside, if I could, I would be outside all day. But my blankey calls and I'm out for a good two hour nap each day.

I love to watch football with my Daddy and I can even say the word! I love to play with my soccer ball, wiffle ball, plush ball and just about any ball. I can throw and catch pretty well, and my Mommy gets pretty excited when I kick and run with the ball. I also love to dance!

I adore my sister and basically try to do everything she does. If she is walking backwards, I walk backwards. If she is brushing her teeth, I brush my teeth. If she is screaming at the top of her lungs, guess what I do? She is the best. Sometimes she yells at me, but I don't care, I still love her.

I'm growing up so fast, at least that's what everyone tells me... followed by a big ol' kiss. I kinda like that though, I give a big ol' kiss back!


Leighton said...

"16Mos. Old"??REALLY!!!!!!!!
WOW...truly amazing how "TILLMAN"
has become a "little man"! He's quite the "writer", too!! GO, TILLMAN..GO....! RUN, TILLMAN, RUN!!!! :)
Unc Leighton