Saturday, January 14, 2012

possible careers

What do YOU want to be when you grow up? Tillman wants to be a race car driver. Here he is switching gears and looking in the rear view mirror probably saying something like, "How did ya like that, suckers!?" Who needs hands on the wheel, when you've just passed all the cars at The Daytona 500? And Reese wants to be a Barista! She can really whip up a good cup of brew. She tells me that my coffee can change colors as I drink. Booya, Starbucks!

Literally Eating Dirt... he's gotta learn sometime

Today at storytime, Reese and Tillman were the only kids on stage. They even did the hokey pokey up there on their own. I'm pretty proud of them, it was a full house at B&N today. Tillman apparently thinks the crowd is more fascinating than the book. Probably so.