Wednesday, April 23, 2008

um... are you having TWINS??

NO, I'm just LARGE! I have just ONE healthy baby in there. I have not been asked if I am having twins yet, thank God, but I can't believe how big I can look sometimes. This is me at 23 weeks. I'll be 24 weeks on Friday.... but who's counting? I'm really feeling this extra weight already in my back. To avoid too much pain, right now, as I am typing this I am the poster-child for the correct ergonomic keyboarding posture. My back is straight, my two feet are flat on the floor, and of course I am using the correct fingers for the keys. (no hunt and peck here, Miss Jenkins - my high school typewriting teacher. I can't BELIEVE I just remembered that name!)

Anyway, this pregnancy thing is absolutely wild and I love it. Hubby / Daddy finally felt her kicking last night! It was the first time he had felt her move! It was pretty amazing. Reese was tumbling around doing all kinds of calisthenics. With only about 16 more weeks to go, we don't have anything ready. Nothing, nada, ziltch! I don't have any real thoughts about room ideas, we don't have any furniture, the room that will be the nursery is totally in tact as the office still. We gotta get a move on! Im feeling a bit pressure. I know it will all come together, but I often have a small bit of panic every once in a while. Color wise, I am going with Green, white and black. For right now. Yep, pink is just an afterthought now. The girl will receive so much pink that it will pink up her room just fine. I don't want to over-pink the little girl. She has a lifetime of pink awaiting her. Im sure she will go through her princess stage and want to even dye her hair pink... so until then, let me have green! There is no good bedding out there either. It's all too.... baby-ish. I know what you are saying, what is wrong with this chic, she is having a baby, right? But I really don't want to make Reese's room too matchy, matchy and ridiculous looking. There, I said it. I don't want to go on too much more about this... I just need to find the right bedding and go with it. I do have somewhat of an idea, so I guess I'll just go for it and see what happens.

Went shopping with a friend last weekend to help me register. I gotta tell ya, I was a bit overwhelmed. As much as I babysat, helped out with my one year old niece, and took care of kids in general, it all hit me that Reese is going to require a ton of STUFF! I'm really trying to not go too overboard with all the gimmicky kind of stuff, but my friend was pointing out the helpful necessities. Really! Even then, I was taken back by all that STUFF! I'm so glad she helped me walk around that huge baby store with "gun" in hand so I can zap all those necessities. I would have never remembered what I needed if I had to come back to the store and would have never noticed them in the first place if it wasn't for her! Thank you, Jennifer! Who is due with her second one just two weeks after me. It hit us then, that we will both be on maternity leave at the same time. How fun!

Ok, that's my preggers update. See ya later,


From the desk of... said...

Looking good!! Glad to know everything is going well and can't wait to meet little Reese!!

Alan said...

Wow! How far along are you?

Just kidding, looking good! ;-)