Tuesday, August 25, 2009

shoe obsession

Hubby said it first, "This child has shown all her emotions and expressions in the first year of her life." I think he is right. Reese loves shoes... ever since Uncle Tony bought Reese her first pair of sandals, she has been obsessed. But these pictures prove it. She likes hanging out in our closet and trying on the shoes I have on the floor. She picks each one and motions for me to put the shoe on for her. She even raises her leg so her foot sticks out. Well, I tried to capture the moment tonight. Here are the exact faces I think women make while choosing and finding just the right shoe. I swear, I did NOT teach her this! And I do NOT bring her shoe shopping!


Smyrna Townie said...

That is cute!!

Tiffany Lockette said...

Too funny! She knows what she likes early on, no harm in that!! She is precious.